Gareth on Coyotes In The Henhouse, Holcomb

Climbing's great. Ask any climber. The combination of a physical challenge, stunning locations and a healthy dose of adrenaline is unmatched. Whether you're into Himalayan summits, gritstone boulders, frozen waterfalls or anything in between, there's nothing quite like it.

I guess I think of myself as someone who likes being outside, and especially climbing, in the same way that I think of myself as a scientist. I wouldn't quite introduce myself as "a climber" though. I've taught climbing for a long time, both as a professional instructor and informally with friends.

These days I mostly find myself pulling plastic at indoor walls, but I do manage to get out occasionally. Southern California is well-served for rock, as this shot of me, taken by the fabulously talented Ryan Kelly at Holcomb Valley shows.